Retro chic and revved!

Retro chic and vintage classic made it a memorable motoring moment when women and their collectible vintage cars rolled up to Castlemaine's stately old Buda home and gardens on Saturday as part of the Florence Thompson Tour. Among participants dressed to match their car's era, Catherine Strutt from Newcastle NSW was driving this beautiful 1910 Fabrique Nationale, and is pictured here alongside her navigator Maggie Bone of Smiths Gully, Melbourne. Catherine, Maggie and their passengers were resplendent, sporting 1910 Edwardian clothing. Photo: Eve Lamb.

Eve Lamb
Retro chic and vintage classic made for a memorable motoring weekend when women and their wheels rolled up to Castlemaine’s stately Buda home and gardens on Saturday.
The rules for the multi-day Florence Thompson Tour were that the driver had to be female and the vehicle had to be at least 25 years old, rally coordinator Maureen Ross explained when the Mail dropped by to catch some of the fun.
“We’ve got 60 cars and 123 participants all up,” Melbourne-based Maureen said.
In keeping with the retro motoring theme, many participants went all out, dressing in period attire to match their wheels that ranged from a magnificent 1910 Fabrique Nationale, to a slick … Read more in today’s Mail…