Flash mob surprise

Flash Mob Alert! Resonance String Orchestra members deliver an impromptu surprise public performance in the foyer of Castlemaine's Vintage Bazaar at The Mill on Saturday. Photo: Eve Lamb

Eve Lamb
Shoppers at Castlemaine’s Mill Market were in for a sweet surprise, Saturday lunchtime.
As the clock struck 12.30 in the foyer of the Mill’s Vintage Bazaar it started with a solo strings player who struck up a tune … and was quickly joined by another.
Within seconds a couple more violin players rocked up and joined in.
More viola and cello players joined in and the tune grew louder as heads began to turn and shoppers stopped in their tracks.
By the time the double bass joined in there was no doubt about it.
A fully fledged flash mob was in progress.
Before long the entire… Get the full story in today’s Mail…