CriticalMassAppeal in the ‘maine

Castlemaine's Oli Dunlop with some of his work in his new exhibition CriticalMassAppeal now on show at Castlemaine's CASPA gallery. Photo: Eve Lamb

Eve Lamb

If we live in an age when “everyone has a hungry eye” then after catching Oli Dunlop’s debut exhibition there’ll be no need for dessert.
“I think it began when Mum collaged the toilet,” the Castlemaine weekend artist says.
“It was with an old masters theme.”
From that point on the young Dunlop, who now holds a weekday job with Castlemaine’s Don KR, never looked back. Collage was his thing.
“So I guess you could say I’ve been doing it since I could use the toilet,” he laughs.
The Castlemaine creative has just launched his debut solo exhibition at Castlemaine’s central CASPA gallery.
CriticalMassAppeal features largescale traditional collage works and prints made from them by deploying a creative process involving photography and digital printing.
The subject matter might best be summarised as concerned with the pop digital age of mass visual sensory input – some might say overload.
The result is both impactful and engaging. Read more in today’s Mail…