Maikel sports ‘HalfCut’ to save Daintree

Newstead local Maikel Linke is raising money to save the Daintree Rainforest by shaving half his head and beard! 
Maikel’s partner Karla Rawles said this “HalfCut” look is a symbol of the world’s forests which have been half cut already. 
“But the other half still stands and needs protection from logging and development,” Karla said.
The money the local couple are raising is being donated to funding raising organisation HalfCut to protect crucial forests which inhabit threatened and endangered species. 
HalfCut have one aim – to save our planet from the Climate Crisis by saving forests and replanting what’s been cut down. 
“Their current project focuses on the Daintree in Far North Queensland, the world’s oldest rainforest,” Karla said. See the Mail for more…

Lisa Dennis
Editor of the Castlemaine Mail newspaper and senior journalist on our sister paper the Midland Express. Over the last 24 years Lisa been proudly reporting news in the Mount Alexander and Macedon Ranges communities.