Limits tested at Fryerstown

Glenda Athey, Chris Athey, Janobai Smith and Haridas Fairchild are among many who have signed a petition calling for speed limit changes to improve safety at Fryerstown. Photo: Eve Lamb

Eve Lamb

Safety concerns have prompted many Fryerstown locals to petition council, calling for speed limit changes for the township.
More than 40 have signed the petition recently presented to the Mount Alexander Shire Council at its July meeting.
“We’d like to see the extension of the 50 km limit from Crocodile Reservoir Road right through to the Campbells Creek-Fryers Road T-intersection,” says Fryerstown resident Glenda Athey, among 44 signatories to the petition.
“We also want the approach to the T-intersection on the Campbells Creek Road to change.
“We’d like to see it reduced to fifty as you’re approaching the T-intersection for safety.
“At the moment people can fly through half of Fryerstown doing 100 km and then it’s suddenly 50km.
“There’s more and more traffic coming through and there’s now a lot more children in Fryerstown,” Mrs Athey says.
“Our motivation is safety. There are children getting on and off busses, concealed driveways…”
The petitioners hope to gain council support in requesting the Department of Transport to have their suggested changes enacted.
It states: “The speed limits are placed in inappropriate places, on crests and approaching bends.
“Cars can travel 100km/h from Chewton right passed the Duke of Cornwall, it then changes to 80km/h on a crest and then immediately down to 50km/h straight after the bend. Get the full story in today’s Mail…

Eve Lamb
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