Covid-proofing a Shakespearean classic

Castlemaine Theatre Company's Toby Heydon and Kate Stones in 94.9MAINfm's Castlemaine studios which are preparing to broadcast the theatre company's production of The Tempest as a radio podcast series. Photo: Eve Lamb

Eve Lamb

Castlemaine Theatre Company is getting set to unleash about two years’ worth of pent up creative frustration as it presents its new COVID-proof production of The Tempest as a radio podcast in four episodes.
Director Kate Stones says work on the production, featuring original music by David Thrussell, started back in April and recording is now complete with final editing taking place this week.
After months of rehearsal and recording, the keen cast of 15 are just days away from seeing their version of the Shakespearean classic presented to local audiences.
In a savvy move designed to side-step any last minute lockdown announcements, the full production will be broadcast on Castlemaine’s 94.9 MAINfm on Around the Wireless (Wednesdays at 1pm) and repeated on Dark Moments (Saturdays at 10pm), with the first episode scheduled to air on Wednesday September 22.
It’s a first for the local theatre company that’s never before presented a full feature-length play via radio podcast, and the creative process tossed up some unique challenges and rewards notes cast member Toby Heydon.
“One of the interesting things from my point of view as an actor is that every recorded take has been like a live performance so in some ways that sense of achievement was magnified,” says Toby who plays Sebastian, bratty younger brother to the king.
Stones says the innovative podcast project was inspired by a New York theatre company who created an episodic podcast version of Richard III. Read more in today’s Mail…

Eve Lamb
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