Red Rebels to gather

Red Rebels members from Castlemaine, Bendigo and Melbourne will show their support for the trio on September 25 and invite community mem-bers to the follow up film screening event on September 28 at the Theatre Royal.

Central Vic Climate Action is hosting a number of events to encourage creative action in response to the escalating environmental crisis including a parade of Red Rebels and screening of the film ‘How to Blow up a Pipeline’. 

Red Rebels from Castlemaine, Bendigo and Melbourne will gather in Bendigo on Monday September 25 to support Castlemaine activists attending Bendigo Magistrates Court. 

Red Rebels are an international performance activist troupe dedicated to illuminating the environmental crisis and supporting groups fighting to save humanity and all species from mass extinction. 

Central Vic Climate Action Group member Serena said red symbolises the common blood we share with all species, and shows our empathy with our surroundings. 

“We are on the precipice of a catastrophic climate breakdown, yet National Australia Bank continues to drive us closer to the edge by funding fossil fuel projects,” Serena said. 

The Red Rebels are supporting Central Vic Climate Action members Bernard, Dean and Laura, who were handcuffed in Bendigo National Australia Bank earlier this year, for refusing to leave NAB because the bank would not rule out funding a new coal mine. 

Local campaigner Laura Levetan says “we will be representing ourselves and pleading not guilty on the base of sudden or extraordinary emergency. Show of support at the Bendigo Magistrates Court on the morning of September 25 is very welcome.” 

This will be followed up on Thursday September 28 with the screening of environmentalist action thriller ‘How to Blow Up a Pipeline’, proudly presented by Central Vic Climate Action, Theatre Royal and School Strike for Climate. The story follows a group of young people in their plan to blow up an oil pipeline and explores the moral validity of extreme actions in addressing the climate crisis. The screening will begin at 7.30pm. 

“Members of Central Vic Climate Action are wanting to stir up the conversation about how we are responding to the status quo where our leaders and financial institutions continue to actively support the fossil fuel industry, in full knowledge that they are destroying the future of our planet,” Serena said. 

“We are certainly NOT advocating the use of violence, but we are suggesting that we all need to step up and onto the street. We will be having a Q&A and proceeds of the night will go to Castlemaine School Strike for Climate. Central Vic Climate Action group welcomes all who wants to get involved in local climate action.” 

Interested in getting involved? Email or check the Theatre Royal website for film details.