Kristina’s character-packed critters

Campbells Creek's Kristina Browning with some of her character-packed animal paintings now going on public exhibition at a local vet clinic - and also as part of the annual Castlemaine Market Building winter art show that opens tomorrow and runs through to September. Photo: Eve Lamb

Eve Lamb

Ask Campbells Creeks Kristina Browning when she started painting animals and she’ll pause, contemplate for a while, and then tell you – “forever”.
“I think it all started with the chooks,” adds the dedicated animal artist and retired art teacher, who’s also been known as “the chook lady” due to her penchant for painting portraits of various feathered friends.
Why chooks?
Kristina is quick to reply.
“I like creating a character. I want something with a fair bit of attitude and the chooks seem to have that.”
Of course it’s far from just chooks that Kristina is well known for painting, although she concedes the vast number of chook-themed greeting cards she’s turned out over the years have done nothing to diminish reputation as “the chook lady”.
Dogs, horses, cows, donkeys, and native wildlife all get a look in as well on the the vibrant canvasses that this local artist creates – often working from photographs people supply featuring their beloved pets.
Right now Kristina’s latest pop-up exhibition has been attracting many admirers inside Castlemaine Veterinary Clinic, which given the clientele, is proving a particularly apt venue for the featured subject matter. Read the full story in today’s Mail…

Eve Lamb
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