Questions raised over proposed energy plant

generic image "bioenergy plant"

Eve Lamb
Castlemaine residents have raised questions about a mooted bioenergy plant for Castlemaine after the proposal was recently publicised by Mount Alexander Sustainability Group in a partnership with Don KR.
At Tuesday evening’s Mount Alexander Shire Council meeting the concept drew some attention during public question time with questions submitted including those from local residents keen to know more about the types and percentages of materials proposed to be fed into the facility.
In questions raised, local resident Richard Yates asked “what is the megawatt size/capacity of the biomass heat plant?”
In his correspondence read out during public question time Mr Yates also asked: “what are the estimated percentages of the energy components to be used within the biomass heat plant – animal products/meat waste percent? crops? organic waste from the landfill? woody waste percentage? recyclables ie cardboard? manure percentage? municipal solid waste? chemically treated wood products ie railway sleepers/tyres/ shipping pellets? TDF – Tyre Derived Fuel?”
Mr Yates also asked “what is the estimated biomass heat plant’s consumption of woody material/trees per year and what is planned for the replanting of lost vegetation?”
Responding, the council’s CEO Darren Fuzzard was quick to point out that the proposal was not a council initiative and directed those keen to gain better insights to go to MASG’s website. Read the full story in today’s Mail…

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