Just nuts about chestnuts!

“The Chestnut Man” Henry Kovacevic, was warming hearts and souls with his Glenlyon-grown roast chestnuts at this week's Castlemaine Farmers' Market held at its wet weather venue of Camp Reserve on Wednesday. The local farmers' market is a prime example of a local enterprise that's been able to endure despite the rolling lockdowns. Photo: Eve Lamb

Eve Lamb

It may have been brrrrisk but the loyal legion of customers were not about to miss Castlemaine’s mid-week farmers’ market on Wednesday.
Adding to the enticing reasons to beat a bee-line to the regular weekly event, Henry Kovacevic, aka “The Chestnut Man” was offering some particularly warming incentives.
Roasting this season’s chestnuts grown at his Glenlyon orchard, Henry’s stall was among the many keenly sought out by loyal customers.
Henry was a man clearly enjoying his work.
“My main base is the Daylesford market on Sunday but I’ve been at this market for this year and last year, and I have found many chestnut lovers at this market and they keep seeking me out,” he said.
Beating the bleak conditions, he was offering not just fresh roasted chestnuts, but also warming mulled wine while simultaneously making further use of his roaster to toast marshmallow skewers for any market-going sweet-tooths as well.
“The mulled wine is a secret recipe I’ve acquired from the Italian Sports Club of Werribee after three years of supplying them chestnuts for their annual chestnut and porchetta function I winkled the recipe out of them,” he chuckled.
Henry grows the chestnuts on two acres at Glenlyon where he has 60 mature trees. Get the full story in today’s Mail…

Eve Lamb
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