New mayor Maltby

Castlemaine's Cr Rosie Annear and Cr Bill Maltby shortly after being voted in as new deputy mayor and mayor respectively, at Tuesday evening's Mount Alexander Shire Council meeting.

Eve Lamb

Castlemaine’s Bill Maltby is the new mayor for Mount Alexander Shire Council following a contested vote at this week’s council meeting.
With the one-year term for outgoing mayor, Calder Ward’s Cr Tony Cordy, now expiring, the election of a new mayor and deputy was a routine item on the agenda for Tuesday evening’s council meeting.
During the meeting Cr Gary McClure nominated Castlemaine Ward’s Cr Bill Maltby who was quick to accept the nomination after earlier successfully moving a motion for the new mayoral term to be a one year – rather than a two year – term.
However, Tarrengower Ward’s Cr Stephen Gardner then nominated Castlemaine Ward’s Cr Rosie Annear as mayor, with that nomination, also accepted.
When it came to the vote, councillors McClure, Maltby, Driscoll and outgoing mayor Cordy all voted in favour of Cr Maltby.
Councillors Gardner, Henderson and Annear voted in favour of Cr Annear, resulting in Cr Maltby succeeding 4:3 before donning the mayoral robes and being sworn in to the top post at the council table. Read more in today’s Mail…