Local Profiles

My Castlemaine with Lisa D’Onofrio

We sit down for a chat with local writer, facilitator, literacy advocate, festival director, documentary maker and podcast producer Lisa D’Onofrio.

My Fryerstown with Julie Millowick

"Naturally the flash fired straight at Pavarotti making him even angrier. He then called for security and demanded I be evicted from the building."

My Castlemaine with Madeleine James 

Hi Madeleine, locals will know you as the friendly face at Midland Pet Supplies in Mostyn Street. How long have you had the business?

My Sandon with Claire Mitchell

"I love how diverse Castlemaine is. There's always a group for someone. It doesn't matter if your into rock climbing or pottery, if you look hard enough, there are always people for you"

My Walmer with Craig Gough

The Mail sits down for a chat with well-known abstract artist and Walmer resident Craig Gough.

My Baringhup with Niels Zahle

Hi Niels, you grew up in Denmark and moved to Australia 50 years ago. How did that come about?

My Castlemaine with Sherene Clow

In this two-part interview Sherene talks to the Mail about her work as a LGBTIQA+ officer, her various careers and what it was like growing up as a queer teen in Bendigo.

My Castlemaine with Peggy Munro

"I'm 90 next year and I'm fit and well and do everything for myself. I have great neighbours, friends, and young nieces who are moving to the area soon."

My Castlemaine with Barry Singleton

Barry was a well-known and beloved teacher at the Castlemaine Technical College for many years.

My Muckleford with Esther Skarboe

Parts 1 and 2 of our interview with Esther. She talks to the Mail about her various careers, her love of the region and her philosophies on life.

My Castlemaine with Peggy Shaw

Peggy talks to the Mail about growing up in Tasmania, a dance concert and her work as a painter.  Hi Peggy, you are an extraordinary...

My Muckleford with Matthew Driscoll

"I have three sisters and my dad was a violent alcoholic. He couldn’t hold down a job so we never had any money. Consequently, homelessness is a passion for me."