I’m for no bins

Lucy Young of The Hub Foundation and Plastic Bag Free Castlemaine wrote an interesting article in the Express on March 20.

When does something we’ve bought become rubbish and can expect it to be taken away from a street bin?

What is rubbish?

Something we no longer want. We carry a drink container maybe while drinking the contents then immediately want to discard the can or bottle once we’ve finished the drink.

Can’t you continue carrying it and put it into your car to take home and recycle from there? I often put things into my bag to take home if there’s no recycling bin available.

We have an attitude of put it in the bin and it’ll be taken care of. Then we can just buy another container. Would love to have deposits on bottles, then everyone would certainly collect them.

Winters Flat primary is great with no bins. Each room has a compost bin and a recycling bin. Lunches, ‘nude’ food, are eaten inside. No problems with crows getting into bins in the yard and massive composting, worm farms and recycling going on. Proving we don’t need all that wrapping etc. I’m for no bins.


Chris Hooper, Castlemaine

Angela Crawford
Angela Crawford is the editor of The Midland Express