Removing trees not the answer

Joyce Sanders, Castlemaine.

As someone who has been fighting VicRoads’ tree-cutting campaigns for 15 years, the community of Newstead has my complete support. 
There are so many other faults in our roads (potholes, poor signage, narrow edges, etc.) that VicRoads could be spending our public money on, and all of them involved with safety. Our own council fought to stop their tree-cutting past Chewton, and others fought campaigns on the Maldon Road. Sadly, when VicRoads got up to the Echuca road, they even dared to remove single isolated trees in paddocks.
If we were going to follow the logic of removing everything that a car could ever potentially run into, we would have to remove all power poles, all kangaroos, most buildings, and in the case of Castlemaine we’d need to get rid of all verandah posts and street furniture. Removing trees is not going to make drivers drive more safely. Only the driver can make that decision.