Courage and flu shots

James Taylor, Castlemaine

Saturday morning, March 27, my wife and I kept an appointment at Lyttleton Street Clinic to have our annual flu shots. Not knowing what to expect in these troubled times we arrived ahead of our scheduled time to find about 20 people waiting with about another 10 inside the clinic receiving their shots. Despite the required spacing (roughly 1.5. in this case) there was a lot of quiet chatter with the occasional burst of laughter. I was impressed with the behaviour of the queue, moving forward without any histrionics to have their names checked off a list and disappearing inside the clinic to emerge a short time later.
When I came out of the clinic, I was surprised to see the queue snaking all the way to Hargraves Street and around the corner.
There was no scuffling for position, no queue jumping, no angry words. I am reminded of those WW2 movies of British citizens quietly making their way to air raid shelters, aware of others and willing to help where needed.
I am so proud of my fellow Castlemanians-with a special mention going to the staff of the Lyttleton Street Clinic. Well done all! 

Lisa Dennis
Editor of the Castlemaine Mail newspaper and senior journalist on our sister paper the Midland Express. Over the last 24 years Lisa been proudly reporting news in the Mount Alexander and Macedon Ranges communities.