Real and dangerous

Ian Braybrook, Castlemaine

This pandemic is real – and dangerous. It is up to us to ensure that Castlemaine and surrounding towns do not admit city people. As difficult as it may be, tell our city family and friends to stay away – and if we know of breaches – report them. We know that our local police will do their job and we must support them. 
This pandemic is a warning of what is possibly to come. What if in future a more deadly and infectious virus descends upon us? We can now see clearly that concentration of people and population is bad news. Decentralisation should be elevated to urgent, not just forever talked about. As for those high rise monstrous monuments to the Bolte government known as “community housing” they should be torn down quickly and decent homes built to replace them. What a good start to a proper decentralisation program! Big, bold, costly steps are necessary but which government has the guts to do it?
Premier Dan Andrews has done a great job under intense pressure in regard to controlling the dreaded virus. He was let down by those entrusted with the job to protect us. To the critics: What would you have done?

Lisa Dennis
Editor of the Castlemaine Mail newspaper and senior journalist on our sister paper the Midland Express. Over the last 24 years Lisa been proudly reporting news in the Mount Alexander and Macedon Ranges communities.