Far from over

Stefan Nechwatal, Sailors Falls.

Living in a rural zone just out of Daylesford , my wife, Jan and I have been ever-more aware of the major influxes of tourists from Melbourne and Geelong since the Metropolitan lockdown was lifted recently.
We both still wear masks while in public shopping in town.Jan is a carer for her Mum who lives on a farm near Malmsbury and I am in the at risk category because of a variety of chronic health conditions.
During Winter, I was so concerned at what I was witnessing in the main street of Daylesford, that I phoned ABC Radio Ballarat and was interviewed by the drive presenter, Nicole Cvastek.
Recently, we decided to have a break from farm duties and hopefully get away from the hordes and travel to Woodend for some R and R and a healthy take- away lunch.
We headed towards our favorite bakery on the highway and were astounded at the crowd milling on the pavement and in the cafe/bakery and diners waiting at tables on the sidewalk.
Not one person wearing a mask!
I’m thinking, I am going to look like a weirdo if I put mine on and Jan had a very strained expression on her face.
We walked up the street, hoping to find a less popular cafe, to no avail.
Starting to feel hungry and a bit anxious, we made the right decision to continue our walk up to Coles, where we compiled a beaut, healthy lunch picnic from their Deli.
Notice at the door, Must Wear a Mask – and all were obeying.
Walked a detour of the main street back to our car, so we were not exposed to the non-distancing throngs.
A lovely picnic spot beside the creek for lunch.
Thought I’d make an observation: Melbourne people are crazy and think, ‘we’ve done the hard yards for months, obeying Chairman Dan and now the pandemic is over and we can get back to normal’.
Considering what is happening currently overseas, this Pandemic is not over!

Eve Lamb
Journalist and photographer Eve Lamb has a Bachelor of Arts (Journalism) degree from Deakin University and a Master of Arts (Professional Writing) from Deakin University. She has worked for many regional newspapers including the Hamilton Spectator and the Warrnambool Standard, and has also worked for metro daily, The Hobart Mercury, and The Sunday Tasmanian. Eve has also contributed to various magazines including Australian Cyclist.