Wake up and smell the groceries

Tom Allen, Welshmans Reef

A note in response to the ‘No Supermarket in Forest Street’ group endeavouring to influence/ gain momentum in the community.
I put it to you that it is ultimately up to the Woolworths Corporation as to where this supermarket is located as it is this entity that is, after all, the one throwing the bucks around.
The word ‘location’ is commonly utilised within the property market and in this case is no exception: ‘Location is key’
The Forest Street location would be an obvious choice preference for Woolworths as it accesses the Melbourne to Bendigo traffic streams (via Castlemaine).
As far as putting the supermarket “in Campbells Creek or Harcourt” as some suggest, the chain would rightly argue that it is going to receive shoppers from these areas anyway. Also shoppers from: Chewton, Elphinstone, Newstead, Guildford, Muckleford and districts etc.
It desires a centralised location for enhanced traffic and is ultimately focused on upon profit driven motivations.
I here state the obvious in pointing out that people appreciate the convenience of:
A. Local shopping
B. Reasonable prices
C. Diversity in choice in a supermarket.
To the Forest Street crew, keep complaining about it if you so desire (it is, after all, your democratic right to do so). But, to have some impact here, you will need to accumulate some savvy with regard to the company’s mindset.

Lisa Dennis
Editor of the Castlemaine Mail newspaper and senior journalist on our sister paper the Midland Express. Over the last 24 years Lisa been proudly reporting news in the Mount Alexander and Macedon Ranges communities.