Housing needed

Chris Hooper, Castlemaine

I agree with Rex Odgers’ idea (Mail,¬†March 5) of having aged care facilities closer to town. Any housing for that matter. The further you are out the more you need a car. Transport contributes greatly to Greenhouse gases and so exacerbates climate change.
I’d love to see more smaller community buses servicing those in and around town so people didn’t have to drive.
I’m not sure about another supermarket from the point of view that it just brings in more trucks, delivering the goods to be sold there and takes away from the smaller locally run shops.
Maybe we could have community buses picking people up from McKenzie Hill and the new housing at Campbells Creek to bring them into town to shop and socialise then returning people safely home without having to park.
We have to bite the bullet eventually and face that not all people can have a free standing house and a car, for the sake of the environment.