Thanks to council for excellent waste collection service

Peter Flynn, Campbells Creek

I write to publicly compliment the Mount Alexander Shire Council.

Last week I went to collect my rubbish bin after the collection truck had performed its weekly ritual, and to my surprise my bin was the only bin in the street that had not been emptied.

I visited and was pleased to find an online form designed for me to notify the council of this very situation.

I completed my details, and left my bin out as the form suggested, and clicked ‘Submit’.

The next day, the situation was rectified without any fuss – and I was left with an empty rubbish bin.

I am pleased that I did not have to wait until business hours, call the council, no doubt have my call transferred a few times, and spell out my address.

I am grateful the council has put in place these simple but very helpful web based services.