Kangaroo black spot needs action

Lauren Williams, Maldon

Monday night (May 25) at about 5.30pm it was already pretty dark.

I was in my garden and heard the distant impact and bone crack of a kangaroo being struck by a car on High Street, Maldon, near the Castlemaine turnoff.

I live about 200 metres away, so walked up to see if I could help the driver or the ‘roo.

The impact had cracked the car’s windscreen, snapped off the wing mirror, smashed in a portion of the driver’s side window and bent the roof rack mounting.

Neither I nor the driver could find any sign of the kangaroo, which was distressing as it was clear it would have been seriously injured.

I walked around with a torch for quite some time after the driver had left, and on the Anzac Hill side of the road, in the bush, I saw the family of the injured ‘roo, clearly still wanting to cross the busy road.

My heart was in my throat as I watched several of them hop across, with the last youngster causing another car to brake.

There are at least three access points where the Anzac Hill mob come down nightly to cross the road near the intersection; the paths are worn and clearly visible.

It is well overdue that this corner should be signposted ‘KANGAROOS CROSSING’ from all three approaches, and a speed limit of 40kmh imposed.

More distant signs saying ‘Kangaroos next _km’ are not specific enough for this very specific crossing area.

Kangaroos Crossing signage and speed limit has been implemented in Creswick at a similar crossing place.

I ask that Mount Alexander Shire do the same in Maldon, and please don’t take years.

It doesn’t require in-depth analysis; it’s decades overdue.