Council’s “cynical engagement” with Froomes Bridge

Pamela Dale, Castlemaine

The Save The Froomes Road Bridge fight by the community is on again less than a year after it was voted down in council and after considerable objection to its replacement by the community.

The council at the expense of the ratepayers has engaged a consultant to box tick the ‘Community engagement’.

This consultant is with only five days notice, to hold a ‘workshop’ to discuss what the community wants, a very cynical exercise on their behalf revealing a lack of esteem for what the community has already stated long and loudly what it wants.

This council will not release to the interested parties the engineers report, again paid for by the ratepayers, in order for there to be full and complete knowledge of the situation with the bridge and indeed their ongoing intentions to destroy the historic and local amenity of this precinct.

This move by the council is like a script from ‘Yes Minister’ the one where box ticking, cynical engagement and withholding factual information to wrong foot interested stakeholders.

I think it was titled “Waste of Breath”.