Give Castlemaine its supermarket!

Nancy Wybar-Pitts, Morwell

I am writing as a former Castlemaine person who still follows the news up there! I have rellies living there. I grew up, went to the South School and then the old High School and my job was at the Mill. I went on to get married and have my kids at the old hospital.
Even though we had all the food shops we needed etc and four grocers around the main streets, the town was called a sleepy hollow. The reason being industries were all knocked back and the main reason for my family plus several others having to leave town was for work.
It was hard on us having to leave our families and friends. So when I see the people want a new supermarket why don’t they get what they need and want? Who has all the say there? Why do shoppers have to travel miles to either Bendigo or Maryborough for items they can’t get in their own town?
Castlemaine shop keepers are losing out as well. Castlemaine is not a retirement village as some may think.
Bring it up to date, give the residents what they want now, and if you people want the change keep at the do-gooders who are not thinking of you.
One of the main things to think about is as you get older shopping gets harder like most things, so other town shopping will be out.
By the way people in the Latrobe Valley know what its like to be promised industries will be built here, then find out they are in another town. So Castlemaine people keep fighting for another supermarket, you deserve one.

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