It’s time for new facilities at Camp Reserve

Robert Evans, Castlemaine

As a newcomer to Castlemaine I was very surprised to see how bad the facilities are at the Camp Reserve. I know of many towns much smaller than Castlemaine that have much better facilities. What is there now should be an embarrassment to the council and the people of Castlemaine. There should be no debate about the need to build new facilities and to commence them as quickly as possible. I was disappointed to read that a group of residents wish to impose their own plan for the reserve even without any apparent consultation with the bodies that are the main users of the reserve.

This group proposes a two storey pavilion as the centrepiece and after many years in sporting clubs, and just recently coming from a club with two storey facilities I can tell you that they just do not work unless you are catering for large crowds. They add significantly to the construction and ongoing running costs. They are not suitable unless there is a lift for elderly, disabled and stockists. They require a doubling up, of kitchens, bars and toilets. Two levels also requires more volunteers to operate efficiently and like in all clubs they do so much already.

This is Castlemaine’s major sporting complex, which this group seems to treat as of secondary importance, and the main users being sporting clubs have specific requirements. Buildings for Sporting Clubs need to be purpose built. The council has a plan that meets the needs of the sporting clubs that has taken a long time to prepare, and has given everyone plenty of opportunity to review and comment. It is ready to start.

The council plan provides for great spectator viewing, plenty of parking, new netball courts and facilities for all participants that will be a pleasure to use. Also to correct just one part of the exaggeration of this group the council plan provides for the removal of just four trees and the planting of 28. It is time Castlemaine had sporting facilities that the town can be proud of.

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