Retain our bridge

Tamasine Dale, Castlemaine

Did you know that the Froomes Road single lane bridge is still under threat to be replaced by a two lane bridge?
Did you know that at the council meeting in April 2021 council voted to retain the single lane bridge and is now putting it back on the agenda to take another vote?
Did you know in August 2022 at the council run community consultation process, 98 per cent of attendees voted to retain the single lane bridge?
Did you know in the recent floods the Froomes Road bridge did not flood?
Did you know that the council engineers have assessed the Froomes Road bridge and reported that the bridge, with minor repairs, a new tabletop, new modified guard rails it has an estimate life span of another 40 years’ service?
Did you know that the Froomes Road bridge leads to the beautiful bushland end of the Botanical Gardens where the endangered Eltham Copper butterfly reside, the Powerful Owl pair last year raised two chicks?
Did you know that if a two lane bridge is allowed to be built this will allow large trucks access to this treasured part of Castlemaine, an area relatively untouched for decades?
Did you know that if you travel along Froomes Road it eventually leads to the Bacon factory and the site of the proposed bio mass plant and proposed solar farm?
We all know that if every historic bridge were to be replaced in the name of progress that countries like England and Europe would look very different today. These countries know the value of maintaining their heritage.
Please councillors’ consider the wildlife, consider the heritage of Castlemaine and vote to keep our single lane bridge the community will thank you.