Karate club celebrates

Local karate club Omoikiri Budo Kai recently ran a ‘Kagami biraki’ to celebrate the opening of the club for 2021.
The name ‘Kagami biraki’, translates to ‘Opening the Mirror’ (from an abstinence) and are celebrations to mark significant events occurring during the year or in someone’s life, and from a martial arts perspective are used to mark the opening of the club for a new year.
As part of the day, Kevin Walsh, Kyoshi, the Australian Representative of the Dai Nippon Butoku Kai (DNBK) Greater Japan Martial Virtue Society, presented local instructor Jason Gray his DNBK 6th Dan in Karate-do. This was to be presented in Japan back in April 2020 during series of seminars, demonstrations and testing but with travel restrictions in place the event was postponed and therefore the presentation was made in Australia. See the Mail for the full story…