Local legend to feature

Local actor John Flaus stars in the newest feature film Mr Cripes Blimey screening at the Northern Arts Hotel next month. The offering has been written and directed by Saidin Salkic.
The film explores the many spheres of mood and excitement, hitting strong and hard and introducing audiences to a character and a story yet inexperienced by the Australian film public. The hero is desperate, aged, and enchanted by the forest he is in and by his magic clock which is making him younger. He is desperate to win the horse race and he wants to collect his money desperately.
“I want my money desperately, I want to claim my money, desperately,” screams Mr Cripes Blimey.
He celebrates his ‘regrowing’ hair in the mirror, as his reverse clock starts to make him feel younger. He is unsure as he faces the mirror, with honesty, delusion, and fear.
Mr Cripes Blimey is: “…starting to feel strange”.
The forest has surrounded him and he can not find his way out. His desperation grows and his will is keeping him strong. What audiences don’t know yet; it is Mr Cripes Blimey’s birthday today.
The film will be screening at the Cool Room at Northern Arts Hotel at 5.30pm on Sunday, May 14.

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