Don’t stop now: GPs urge Covid caution

Mostyn Street medical clinic's Dr Ronnie Moule and Dr Louisa Hope and clinic receptionist Arabella Davison at the clinic's old stables building which has been pressed into service for Covid-19 testing. Photo: Eve Lamb

You’re doing well – now don’t stop now.
That’s a main message from local GPs who are encouraging Mount Alexander shire residents to maintain all the health precautions advised by the state’s health department to keep Covid-19 at bay.
At Castlemaine’s Mostyn Street Clinic they’ve been providing patients with drive-through testing for the virus.
In addition to this they’ve also especially converted the old stables building behind the clinic to provide a safe and dedicated environment to provide Covid-19 examinations for patients – separately from the main clinic building – as required.
“We have done at least 95 tests with four positive results,” the Mostyn Street clinic’s Dr Ronnie Moule says.
“All GP clinics are testing and for anyone who has a respiratory illness in any form it’s worth getting tested.
“We’re also open for all of our normal consultations as well either face-to-face or by telehealth.
“The building is safe and we want to reassure people that we can look after all of their needs and keep them safe.”
At Castlemaine’s Lyttleton Street Clinic GP Dr Richard Mayes earlier this week told the Castlemaine Mail that just on 200 tests for Covid-19 have now been performed by the Lyttleton Street clinic.
“We’re just about to hit 200 tests from Lyttleton Street – and just the one positive,” Dr Mayes said.
“We haven’t had another positive for about three weeks now so the message is that we’ve been doing a fantastic job to contain the spread in Victoria.
“But I’m anticipating just taking the Department of Health advise on restrictions and that for some time we’ll still be encouraging people to social distance as much as possible to avoid a second wave – and just to heed the current guidelines.”
Dr Mayes says the Lyttleton Street Clinic is averaging about six tests for Covid-19 a day and had established a dedicated drive-through clinic specifically to test people worried they may have contracted the virus.
Now the Lyttleton Street Clinic has added a new satellite clinic at 38 Lyttleton Street to test patients for the virus … Read More in today’s Castlemaine Mail, May 01, 2020.

Eve Lamb
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